MN All State Jazz Band MMEA in Mpls Feb 15, 2013

Susan, Paul, and I (Jeff) went to Minneapolis on this weekend in February 2013. Paul was in the Minnesota All State Jazz Ensemble for 2012-2013. This was the performance at the Minnesota Music Educators Association conference at the convention center. We had a lot of fun that weekend. We walked for miles through the skyways in downtown Minneapolis. The music was the main reason we were there although the Jazz Band performance was only about half an hour. They played these 5 songs. They had 6 songs but had to drop one due to time constraints. The previous summer the Jazz Ensemble got together for a week in Duluth. They performed at the end of that week too. Great musicians!

This one is called “A Hymn for Her”

This one is “Symphony in Riffs”

“The Beautiful Comedian” – Paul has a saxophone solo in this one.

“Well You Needn’t” by Thelonious Monk

“Wide Angle”

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