A little American history

A little American history.
(From Roald Petter Aarbekk in Norway)
Written on March 27, 2020

Bertheus Olson traveled to America in 1887 with his brother and sister. Two years later he got his wife Anna and daughter Signe Kristine over to America. Bertheus was a good and hard working family father, my mother Kristofa used to tell us aboat it.. When Emerentse and her husband Petter (my grandparents) emigrated to America in 1892, paid Bertheus the tickets for them.

My grandmother Emerentse told me that it was a good life in America. They lived and worked on Bertheus’ farm. My grandfather who was a fisherman did not like the life in ND. After three years they returned to northern Norway, where he continued to fish for the rest of his life. My Aunt Olga was on the trip to America in 1892. My Uncle Lars was born in ND and returned with his family to Norway.

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