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The Alexandria Jefferson High School bands hosted the region 8AA Central Solo and Ensemble Contest on Wednesday, February 13.

The contest was sponsored by the Minnesota State High School League and involved instrumental performances by students from Alexandria, Brainerd, Little Falls, Sauk Rapids-Rice and Sartell high schools.

There were more than 230 entries. Each performance was evaluated by a professional adjudicator with written and verbal comments shared after the performance.

Ratings were based on a scoring rubric points system: 40-35 Superior, 34-28 Excellent, 27-22 Good, 21 or below Fair.

Alexandria had 64 entries with 42 performances receiving a superior rating, and 22 performances receiving an excellent rating. Perfect scores of ‘40’ were awarded to the Concert Band Percussion Ensemble (Backroads of Medellin), and Paul Meland’s Tenor Sax Solo (Improvisation et Caprice).

Meland was also awarded the outstanding performance award in his site for his tenor sax solo and received the Spotlight on Arts Achievement award for his performance.

Below is a complete listing of Alexandria student performances and their ratings:

Superior: Wind Ensemble Percussion Ensemble, Symphonic Band Percussion Ensemble, Concert Band Percussion Ensemble, Jazz I, Jazz II, Micah Hedstrom – snare solo, Bria Scheuler – snare solo, Cody Lanman – snare solo, Jade Blaydes – bass clarinet solo, Erin Ann Scheuler – clarinet solo, Meagan Klarich – tenor sax solo, Rachel Sjostrand – flute solo, Devyn Dennie – flute solo, Eric Moe – alto sax solo, Sarah Connell – alto sax solo, Vishal Steinle – alto sax solo, Wind Ensemble Sax Trio (Sarah Connell, Sarah Nelson, RaeAnn Goering), Paul Meland – soprano sax solo, Wind Ensemble – tenor sax duet (Gabby Koel, Emma Lawrence), Woodwind Duet (Stephanie Anderson, Courtney Wosepka), Brass Duet (Rachel Hansberry, Julia Sieling), Ted Deitz – trombone solo, Samantha Ealy – trombone solo, Jenna Kremer – French horn solo, Carly Snell – French horn solo, Carl Branch – French horn solo, Shawn Nelson – tuba solo, Amelia Golde – trumpet solo, Mark Kallevig – trumpet solo, Alex Carter – trumpet solo, Stephanie Anderson – flute solo, Paul Meland – tenor sax solo, Gabi Cahlin – flute solo, Kacie Nelson – flute solo, Katie Gieseke – alto sax solo, Courtney Wosepka – oboe solo, Emma Lawrence – bass clarinet solo, Meagan Klarich – clarinet solo, Andrew Storm – tenor sax solo, Clarinet Duet (Erin Ann Scheuler, Meagan Klarich), Sax Duet (Sarah Nelson, RaeAnn Goering), Sax Duet (Katie Gieseke, Lydia Gusaas).

Excellent: Kate LeBrasseur – snare solo, Sam Carlson – marimba solo, Emelia Carlson – flute solo, Brenna Fike – flute solo, Anna Peterson – clarinet solo, Alyssa Welle – clarinet solo, Lydia Gusaas – alto sax solo, Wind Ensemble Flute Quartet (Stephanie Anderson, Rachel Sjostrand, Devyn Dennie, Sam Schlosser), Morgan Chase – trumpet solo, Brett Ludwig – trombone solo, Mitch Maday – trombone solo, Karl Santelman – trumpet solo, Madison Groettum – trumpet solo, Rachel Hansberry – trombone solo, Klarissa Eisenbraun – trumpet solo, Anna Erickson – clarinet solo, Miranda Muzik – clarinet solo, Symphonic Band Flute Quartet, Wind Ensemble Sax Sextet, Clarinet Duet (Heidi Moe, Jenna Steffl).

Accompanists for the Alexandria students included Mecedes Hagen, Glenda Seela, Karen Erickson, Peggy Kallevig, Nathan Doege and Linda Iverson.

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