Birger Rudolph Olson

Birger Rudolph Olson
b: 23 MAY 1900
d: 17 OCT 1990

Birger Rudolph was born on May 23, 1900 at Sharon, ND. The 1900census for Steele County, Westfield Township notes he is 8 months old.Rudolph is not on the Westfield School class picture taken in 1905 buthis name appears as a student of Westfield School for the school termOctober 15, 1906 to May 17, 1907. Rudolph was confirmed by Rev. IngelHovland in 1914 at Hoff Lutheran Church. He married Ellen Christen onJanuary 12, 1925. They lived on the Olson farm and raised their childrenthere. After Dan Olson died, they continued to live on farm with Anna.Farming during the thirties was very difficult. During the drought yearsI remember taking coffee to Uncle Rudy who was in the field on thetractor and I watched the North Dakota dirt blowing away.
Rudy decided that he could better use his combines harvesting crops inother states. During the summer he and Ella, their children, his crew,some of his nephews, and the converted school bus and equipment began'custom combining' in Texas and states to the north. My brothers havemany stories of the combining days.
In 1943 Rudolph moved his family to Braham, Minnesota where he was anengineer for Dahlman Manufacturing until 1972 when they moved toFranklin, Minnesota. Rudy invented a straw feeding device for theBaldwin combines, straw chopper, miscellaneous parts for potato combinesand the Olson Beach Cleaner which is now Cherrington Beach Cleaner. Thisbeach cleaner has cleaned and beautified many beaches in Florida andaround the United States.
The D. B. Olson farm was eventually sold and the beautiful home andmagnificent barn were removed from the property.
Rudolph and Ella were parents of eight children: Harvey Doyle, BettyAnn, Laurie, Betty, Richard, Kay, Donald, and Marjorie.
On July 28, 1974 their children celebrated Rudy and Ella's 50th weddinganniversary with a family reunion. On January 12, 1985 the familycelebrated their 60th anniversary at St. Luke's Lutheran Church. On May20th, 1990 the children hosted a luncheon celebrating Rudy's 90thbirthday. He was active in the community with Lions Club, City Counciland St. Luke's Church council.
Rudy died at Redwood Falls Hospital on October 17, 1990 of cancer.Funeral services were held on October 20, 1990 at St. Luke's LutheranChurch, Franklin, MN with burial on October 22, 1990 in Hoff Cemetery,Sharon, North Dakota.

  • 23 MAY 1900 - Birth - ; Sharon, Steele County,Westfield Township, ND
  • 22 OCT 1990 - Burial - ; Hoff Cemetery, Sharon, ND
  • 17 OCT 1990 - Death - ; Redwood Falls Hospital, Redwood Falls, MN
Ole Thorsen
24 DEC 1817 - 20 JUN 1890
Daniel Bertheus Olson
3 AUG 1861 - 1 MAY 1931
Mette Jonette Danielsdtr
4 FEB 1831 - 29 JAN 1913
Birger Rudolph Olson
23 MAY 1900 - 17 OCT 1990
Erik Norman Erlandsen
25 JUL 1819 -
Anna Louise Eriksen
24 JUL 1862 - 29 DEC 1953
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Daniel Bertheus Olson
Birth3 AUG 1861Dragland i Tjeldsund (Nordland)
Death1 MAY 1931 Pneumonia, Dr. Glasscock, Sharon, ND
Marriage29 NOV 1890to Anna Louise Eriksen at Finley, Clifton Twsp. Steele County, ND by B. Tollefsen
FatherOle Thorsen
MotherMette Jonette Danielsdtr
PARENT (F) Anna Louise Eriksen
Birth24 JUL 1862Srvikmark, Harstad
Death29 DEC 1953 Northwood Home, Grand Forks County, ND
Marriage29 NOV 1890to Daniel Bertheus Olson at Finley, Clifton Twsp. Steele County, ND by B. Tollefsen
FatherErik Norman Erlandsen
MotherSerine Birgitte Olsdotter
FMarie Josephine Olson
Birth19 APR 1896Sharon, ND
Death21 SEP 1967Northwood, Grand Forks County, ND
Marriage21 JUN 1922to Nils Meland at Sharon, ND - Hoff Lutheran Church
FSigne Kristine Olson
Birth3 FEB 1888Srvikmark, Trondenes
Death27 JUL 1921Sharon, ND
MEdwin N. Olson
Birth21 OCT 1893Sharon, Steele County, ND
Death2 SEP 1983Minot, ND.
Marriage1919to Ellen Cornelius at Sharon, ND
MOtelius Nikolai
Birth20 MAR 1891Sharon, ND
Death25 NOV 1893Sharon, ND
MOle Nikolai Olson
Birth7 MAY 1894Sharon, Steele County. ND
Death2 FEB 1987Veterans Hospital, Hennepin County, Minneapolis, MN
MarriageAUG 1943to Hilda Veedahl Danielson at North Dakota
FEsther Viola Olson
Birth12 JUN 1898Sharon, Steele County, ND
DeathFEB 1987Minneapolis, MN
Marriage10 NOV 1918to Henry Rydland at Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota
MBirger Rudolph Olson
Birth23 MAY 1900Sharon, Steele County,Westfield Township, ND
Death17 OCT 1990Redwood Falls Hospital, Redwood Falls, MN
Marriage12 JAN 1925to Ella Louise Christen at Aneta, ND
MVictor Evelin Olson
Birth23 JUN 1903Sharon, Steele County ND.
Death22 APR 1904Sharon, Steele County, ND.
MVictor Otelius
Birth16 JUN 1905Sharon, Steele County, ND
Death15 APR 1976Beloit.Wisconsin
Marriageto Clara Stevenson
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Birger Rudolph Olson
Birth23 MAY 1900Sharon, Steele County,Westfield Township, ND
Death17 OCT 1990 Redwood Falls Hospital, Redwood Falls, MN
Marriage12 JAN 1925to Ella Louise Christen at Aneta, ND
FatherDaniel Bertheus Olson
MotherAnna Louise Eriksen
PARENT (F) Ella Louise Christen
Birth25 OCT 1904Aneta, Grand Forks County, ND
Death12 APR 1991 Franklin, MN
Marriage12 JAN 1925to Birger Rudolph Olson at Aneta, ND
MHarvey Doyle Olson
Birth25 JUL 1925Sharon, Steele County, ND
Death3 MAY 1929Sharon, ND - Encephelitis
FBetty Ann Olson
Birth12 OCT 1927Sharon, Steele County, ND
Death21 MAR 1929Sharon, Steele County, ND - Peritonitis/Appendicitis
FLaurie Olson Leonard
Birth27 SEP 1928Sharon, Steele County, ND
Death23 MAY 2001Franklin, Minnesota
Marriage1951to Douglas Sherman at Franklin, MN
Marriage14 APR 1948to Lloyd William Leonard at St. Luke's Lutheran Church
FBetty Mae Olson
Birth12 MAY 1930Sharon, Steele County, ND
Death20 DEC 2004Spicer, MN
Marriage30 AUG 1952to Russell V. Johnson at Franklin, MN
MRichard Ellsworth Olson
Birth4 OCT 1932Sharon, Steele County, ND
Death19 SEP 2010Mankato, MN
Marriage19 DEC 1954to Beatrice [Dolly] Munsel at Franklin, MN
Marriage31 JAN 1959to William L. Zubrod
Marriageto Elizabeth [Carol]
Marriageto Gerald Ruzicka
Marriageto William Wetmore
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