Esther Viola Olson

Esther Viola Olson
b: 12 JUN 1898
d: FEB 1987

Esther was born at the farm in Sharon, North Dakota June 12, 1898. The1900 census for Steele County, Westfield Township notes that she was 1year old. Esther is not included in the Westfield School picture dated1905 but is included in the list of pupils for the school year October15, 1906 to May 17, 1907. Esther was confirmed at Hoff Lutheran Churchin 1912. She attended Oak Grove Seminary, Fargo, North Dakota. She andHenry Rydland were married November 10, 1918 and she became a 'Pastor'sWife'. She was a wonderful partner and assistant to Henry. They sangbeautiful duets and gave loving care to members of their parishes.
Summers at the cottage at Lake Crystal were always so much fun. Each ofus had a special cousin and were able to become close friends in thosehappy days. Sunday afternoon was time for our families to be togetherand share fish freshly caught, goulash, and fresh homemade bread. Ofcourse, the oldest girls Leora and Arline usually had the privilege ofwashing the dishes - but the fun was worth it.
After Henry's untimely death, Esther continued on bravely to care for herfamily and pursue a career in nursing. In those days the minister andhis family lived in a Parsonage owned by the church, so this left Estherand her family without a home. With the help of her brothers andbrothers-in-law she moved to a home in St. Louis Park, Minnesota withRuth, Sylvia, Valborg and Ralph. Arne was in college and Leora workedfor Northwestern Bank in Minneapolis. Leora and I [Arline] lived withEsther and the family for several months. Esther became a very lovingand caring nurse who never complained or indulged in self-pity. She hada strong faith and wanted the same for all of her family.
There were many family gatherings of the Olson clan at Esther's home inSt. Louis Park and Esther welcomed us all when we visited.
It was a thrill to have our Aunt Esther visit us in California. Her 80thbirthday party in Minneapolis was time for another wonderful reunion.
Esther was a talented singer, seamstress, and artist. One of her pieceswas a Japanese lady done with aluminum foil that had been colored bypainting the foil. After Esther retired, she painted many lovely oilpaintings.
Esther died in February 1987 in Minneapolis of cancer. Memorial servicewas held in Franklin and she is buried in Franklin cemetery.

  • 12 JUN 1898 - Birth - ; Sharon, Steele County, ND
  • FEB 1987 - Death - ; Minneapolis, MN
Ole Thorsen
24 DEC 1817 - 20 JUN 1890
Daniel Bertheus Olson
3 AUG 1861 - 1 MAY 1931
Mette Jonette Danielsdtr
4 FEB 1831 - 29 JAN 1913
Esther Viola Olson
12 JUN 1898 - FEB 1987
Erik Norman Erlandsen
25 JUL 1819 -
Anna Louise Eriksen
24 JUL 1862 - 29 DEC 1953
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Daniel Bertheus Olson
Birth3 AUG 1861Dragland i Tjeldsund (Nordland)
Death1 MAY 1931 Pneumonia, Dr. Glasscock, Sharon, ND
Marriage29 NOV 1890to Anna Louise Eriksen at Finley, Clifton Twsp. Steele County, ND by B. Tollefsen
FatherOle Thorsen
MotherMette Jonette Danielsdtr
PARENT (F) Anna Louise Eriksen
Birth24 JUL 1862Srvikmark, Harstad
Death29 DEC 1953 Northwood Home, Grand Forks County, ND
Marriage29 NOV 1890to Daniel Bertheus Olson at Finley, Clifton Twsp. Steele County, ND by B. Tollefsen
FatherErik Norman Erlandsen
MotherSerine Birgitte Olsdotter
FMarie Josephine Olson
Birth19 APR 1896Sharon, ND
Death21 SEP 1967Northwood, Grand Forks County, ND
Marriage21 JUN 1922to Nils Meland at Sharon, ND - Hoff Lutheran Church
FSigne Kristine Olson
Birth3 FEB 1888Srvikmark, Trondenes
Death27 JUL 1921Sharon, ND
MEdwin N. Olson
Birth21 OCT 1893Sharon, Steele County, ND
Death2 SEP 1983Minot, ND.
Marriage1919to Ellen Cornelius at Sharon, ND
MOtelius Nikolai
Birth20 MAR 1891Sharon, ND
Death25 NOV 1893Sharon, ND
MOle Nikolai Olson
Birth7 MAY 1894Sharon, Steele County. ND
Death2 FEB 1987Veterans Hospital, Hennepin County, Minneapolis, MN
MarriageAUG 1943to Hilda Veedahl Danielson at North Dakota
FEsther Viola Olson
Birth12 JUN 1898Sharon, Steele County, ND
DeathFEB 1987Minneapolis, MN
Marriage10 NOV 1918to Henry Rydland at Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota
MBirger Rudolph Olson
Birth23 MAY 1900Sharon, Steele County,Westfield Township, ND
Death17 OCT 1990Redwood Falls Hospital, Redwood Falls, MN
Marriage12 JAN 1925to Ella Louise Christen at Aneta, ND
MVictor Evelin Olson
Birth23 JUN 1903Sharon, Steele County ND.
Death22 APR 1904Sharon, Steele County, ND.
MVictor Otelius
Birth16 JUN 1905Sharon, Steele County, ND
Death15 APR 1976Beloit.Wisconsin
Marriageto Clara Stevenson
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Henry Rydland
Birth17 DEC 1890Fitjar, Sundhorland, Norway
Death12 NOV 1942 Lanesboro Hospital, Lanesboro, Minnesota
Marriage10 NOV 1918to Esther Viola Olson at Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota
FatherJohannes Rydland
PARENT (F) Esther Viola Olson
Birth12 JUN 1898Sharon, Steele County, ND
DeathFEB 1987 Minneapolis, MN
Marriage10 NOV 1918to Henry Rydland at Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota
FatherDaniel Bertheus Olson
MotherAnna Louise Eriksen
MArne Daniel Rydland
Birth29 JUN 1919Sharon, Steele County, ND
Death18 FEB 1995Golden Valley, MN
Marriage7 APR 1945to Private at Crookston, MN
FLeora Juliet Rydland
Birth18 JUN 1921Van Hook, Mountrail County, ND
Death19 MAR 1979St. Louis Park, MN
Marriage22 MAY 1944to John Bruce Dickinson at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Mason City, Iowa
Marriageto Arthur Mc White
FRuth Esther Rydland
Birth19 AUG 1926Franklin, Minnesota
Death12 MAR 1995Gulf Shores, Alabama
Marriageto Herb Eastman
FSylvia Marie Rydland
Birth15 JAN 1929Franklin, MN
Death21 APR 2004Battle Lake, MN
Marriage21 JUL 1951to Steve Triden
Marriageto Robert Dingel
Marriageto Richard Stahowiak
Marriage4 APR 2002to John Foss at Lakeland, Florida
Marriageto Private at Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota
Descendancy Chart
Esther Viola Olson b: 12 JUN 1898 d: FEB 1987
Henry Rydland b: 17 DEC 1890 d: 12 NOV 1942
Arne Daniel Rydland b: 29 JUN 1919 d: 18 FEB 1995
Leora Juliet Rydland b: 18 JUN 1921 d: 19 MAR 1979
John Bruce Dickinson b: 1922 d: 20 APR 1981
Susan Dickinson b: 1 MAR 1948 d: 1989
Ruth Esther Rydland b: 19 AUG 1926 d: 12 MAR 1995
Sylvia Marie Rydland b: 15 JAN 1929 d: 21 APR 2004
Steve Triden d: 2007

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