Gunvald Meland

Gunvald Meland
b: 7 OCT 1887
d: 28 MAR 1977
Gunvald was the first baby christened in the new Skjold church. The oldchurch had burned and was rebuilt in 1887. Gunvald immigrated to USA in1906. He left Stavanger, Norway on March 28, 1906 to Liverpool,England. He arrived at Ellis Island, New York on April 6, 1906 aboardthe BALTIC, The White Star Line.
Tante Ingeborg (his mother's sister) was in Brooklyn, NY.
He had a homestead in Mountrail County, ND - Sec.29-153-91, his mailingaddress was Amanda, ND. Noren has postcards to Gunvald dated Nov. 1908;Feb. 3, 1909 -c/o T. Berven, Leeds, ND; Feb. 17, 1909 - Leeds, ND; Nov.15, 1909- Chester, ND fron Niagra, ND; Feb. 21, 1910 - Amanda, ND fromMatt.
1910 CENSUS for Crane Creek TWshp, Mountrail County -Line 39 - shows hewas single, a farmer, and could read and write. He became aNaturalized Citizen on October 17, 1913. His Army number was 2,143,918;occupation, carpenter; inducted at Stanley, ND on Sept. 18, 1917; sent toCamp Dodge, Iowa; served in Battery A, 338th Field Artillery to Oct. 3,1917; Supply Company, to discharge. Grades: Private lst Class, Jan. 26,1918; Private, March 31, 1918; Mechanic, Feb. 1, 1919; overseas from May18, 1918 to May 9, 1919. Engagements: Offensives: St. Mihiel;Meuse-Argonne. Defensive Sector: Marbach (Lorraine). Discharged atCamp Dodge, Iowa, on May 21, 1919, as a Mechanic. [NORTH DAKOTA VETERANSOF WW I, Official Roster, North Dakota Meland, page 2130.]
He had a girlfriend who was a nurse.
He returned to Norway in 1923-25. His father became ill, so he remainedthere. He corresponded with our family through the years and is the onewho provided me with the original genealogy chart of Helga Nilsdotter formy school assignment in 1937. He lived at MELAND until 1974 when hemoved to VATS Alderdomshjem. He died on March 28, 1977 and was buried atSkjold cemetary on April 2, 1977.
Gunvald had a daughter, Anna Sofia Solheim. Her mother's name wasCesilie Vik. Cesilie and Gunvald never married because his sister Gurineforbade it. Anna looked like Gunvald and he left his money to her whenhe died. Anna married Bertil Kvamme and had four children: Sissel,Sigbjorn, Olaug, Bengt.
Martha's children are in touch with Anna - 1998 letters.
  • 7 OCT 1887 - Birth - ; Meland/ Skjold/ Rogaland / Norway
  • 28 MAR 1977 - Death - ; Meland/ Skjold/ Rogaland/ Norway
Gudmund Larsen
13 APR 1824 - 30 NOV 1874
Lars Risanger Meland
17 SEP 1860 - 29 DEC 1926
Maghilde Magla Gunnarsdtr.
11 MAR 1828 - 2 JAN 1920
Gunvald Meland
7 OCT 1887 - 28 MAR 1977
Nils Olavson Fykse
4 JAN 1821 - UNKNOWN
Helga Nilsdotter
6 JAN 1855 - 19 MAR 1940
Gurid Larsdotter
1826 - 1875
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Lars Risanger Meland
Birth17 SEP 1860Risanger/Stord Island/ Norway-Christened September 30, 1860 Skjold Kirke/ LDS Information
Death29 DEC 1926 Meland/ Skjold/ Rogaland/ Norway
Marriage1886to Helga Nilsdotter at Skjold/ Rogaland/ Norway
FatherGudmund Larsen
MotherMaghilde Magla Gunnarsdtr.
PARENT (F) Helga Nilsdotter
Birth6 JAN 1855Ness/ Skjold/ Rogaland/ Norway
Death19 MAR 1940 Meland/ Skjold/ Rogaland/ Norway
Marriage1886to Lars Risanger Meland at Skjold/ Rogaland/ Norway
FatherNils Olavson Fykse
MotherGurid Larsdotter
MNils Meland
Birth11 NOV 1890Meland, Skjold, Rogaland, Norway
Death19 FEB 1967Northwood, Grand Forks County, ND
Marriage21 JUN 1922to Marie Josephine Olson at Sharon, ND - Hoff Lutheran Church
MGunvald Meland
Birth7 OCT 1887Meland/ Skjold/ Rogaland / Norway
Death28 MAR 1977Meland/ Skjold/ Rogaland/ Norway
Marriageto ?
FGurine Meland
FMarta Meland
Birth16 DEC 1894Meland/ Skjold/ Rogaland/ Norway
Death7 SEP 1979Meland/ Skjold/ Rogaland/ Norway
MarriageBEF. 1920to Knut Knutsen Langeland at Skjold/ Norway
MLauritz Meland
Death3 DEC 1980Sollentuna, Sweden
MarriageBEF. 1927to Judit Sjoblom at SWEDEN
FHelen Louise Meland
Birth1886Meland/ Skjold
Death1886Meland/ Skjold
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Gunvald Meland
Birth7 OCT 1887Meland/ Skjold/ Rogaland / Norway
Death28 MAR 1977 Meland/ Skjold/ Rogaland/ Norway
Marriageto ?
FatherLars Risanger Meland
MotherHelga Nilsdotter
Descendancy Chart
Gunvald Meland b: 7 OCT 1887 d: 28 MAR 1977

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