Lars Olai Olsen Dragland

Lars Olai Olsen Dragland
b: 16 JUL 1863
d: 11 SEP 1907
Lars married Karoline Amalie Gregussen in 1884 and they emigrated toAmerica in 1892 with their children that had been born in Norway. Several more children were born in Kloten, North Dakota. Lars diedin 1907 and left the farm in Mc Ville, ND to his wife and children. Hisson Karroll often visited with the Daniel Olson family in Minneapolis.
See pages 9 & 10 of Per-Harald Jensen Genealogy.

"Lived at Dragland, later emigrated to the USA, where theyhomesteaded in Steele County and Field Township in Nelson County,North Dakota." Dragland Family Association

  • 16 JUL 1863 - Birth - ; Hols Sogn i Tjeldsund, LP
  • 11 SEP 1907 - Death - ; Field Twsp. Nelson County, Kloten, ND
Thor Nilsen
2 NOV 1775 - 30 NOV 1830
Ole Thorsen
24 DEC 1817 - 20 JUN 1890
Brita Sjursdotter
23 JAN 1783 - 27 JUN 1837
Lars Olai Olsen Dragland
16 JUL 1863 - 11 SEP 1907
Mette Jonette Danielsdtr
4 FEB 1831 - 29 JAN 1913
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Ole Thorsen
Birth24 DEC 1817Limmesand, Arnafjord sogn, VIK in Sogn
Death20 JUN 1890 Dragland i Tjeldsund
Marriage22 OCT 1850to Mette Jonette Danielsdtr at Ibestad Kirke
Marriageto Brita Olsdtr Finden
FatherThor Nilsen
MotherBrita Sjursdotter
PARENT (F) Mette Jonette Danielsdtr
Birth4 FEB 1831Arstein i Gratangen Astafjorden
Death29 JAN 1913 Dragland i Tjeldsund
Marriage22 OCT 1850to Ole Thorsen at Ibestad Kirke
FatherDaniel Bertheussen
MotherJohanna Mikkelsdotter
MDaniel Bertheus Olson
Birth3 AUG 1861Dragland i Tjeldsund (Nordland)
Death1 MAY 1931Pneumonia, Dr. Glasscock, Sharon, ND
Marriage29 NOV 1890to Anna Louise Eriksen at Finley, Clifton Twsp. Steele County, ND by B. Tollefsen
MTheodor Olsen
Birth7 JUN 1850Dragland i Tjeldsund
Death7 JUN 1935Dragland i Tjeldsund
Marriage5 NOV 1874to Regine Rask Rasmusdtr Valberg at Ldingen Kirk
Marriage13 NOV 1893to Hanna Rebekka Srensdtr at Ldingen Kirk
FNikoline Marie Olsdotter
Birth14 APR 1852Dragland i Tjeldsund, Ldigen
FJohanna Birgitte Serine Olsdotter
Birth29 JUN 1854Dragland i Tjeldsund
Death18 APR 1916Dragland i Tjeldsund
Marriage1879to Guttorm Sivert Waldermarsen Dahl at Kvfjord Kirk
FBeret Marie Olsdotter
Birth8 OCT 1856Dragland i Tjeldsund
Death26 JAN 1941Fiksfjord i Tjeldsund
Marriage9 OCT 1877to Daniel Harr Marthinusn at Ldingen Kirk
FDorthea Berntine Olsdotter
Birth9 JAN 1859Dragland i Tjeldsund
Death6 JUL 1861Dragland i Tjeldsund
MLars Olai Olsen Dragland
Birth16 JUL 1863Hols Sogn i Tjeldsund, LP
Death11 SEP 1907Field Twsp. Nelson County, Kloten, ND
Marriage17 JUL 1884to Karoline Amalie Gregussen at Ldingen Kirk
MMikkel Peder Olsen Dragland
Birth13 MAY 1866Dragland i Tjeldsund
Death19 APR 1940Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Marriage12 MAR 1893to Mary Gulliksen at Grand Forks, North Dakota
Marriage1933to Lena Bergan
FMagdalena Olivia Petrike Olsdotter
Birth12 JUN 1868Dragland i Tjeldsund
DeathKongsvik [hos Andreas Aune]
Marriageto Peder Andreas Berg Eidissen
FEmerentse Anna Kristien Olsdotter
Birth17 JAN 1871Dragland i Tjeldsund
Death1955Harvik, Sandtorg
Marriage29 DEC 1890to Petter Jentoft Larsen at Hol Kirk Norway or Sharon, North Dakota
MJoakim Berg Olsen
Birth28 JAN 1873Dragland i Tjeldsund
Death1920Seattle, Washington, USA [cancer]
MThomas Olsen Dragland
Birth23 APR 1878Dragland i Tjeldsund
Death6 NOV 1931Seattle, Washington USA
Marriage10 AUG 1901to Gerharda Johanne Jacobsen at Fargo, North Dakota
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Lars Olai Olsen Dragland
Birth16 JUL 1863Hols Sogn i Tjeldsund, LP
Death11 SEP 1907 Field Twsp. Nelson County, Kloten, ND
Marriage17 JUL 1884to Karoline Amalie Gregussen at Ldingen Kirk
FatherOle Thorsen
MotherMette Jonette Danielsdtr
PARENT (F) Karoline Amalie Gregussen
Birth12 JAN 1863Staksvold
Death6 FEB 1933 Fargo, ND
Marriage17 JUL 1884to Lars Olai Olsen Dragland at Ldingen Kirk
FatherKristian Peter Killengren Gregussen
MotherAne Pedersdtr.
MOlaf Marselius Dragland
Birth16 JUN 1884Dragland Farm, Ldigen i Tjeldsund
Death1964Kloten, North Dakota
MKristian Adolf Dragland
Birth3 SEP 1885Dragland Farm, Ldigen i Tjeldsund
Death24 FEB 1973Northwood, North Dakota
Marriage17 DEC 1917to Ansoph Krogh
FLotte Kaspara Dragland
Birth14 SEP 1887Dragland i Tjeldsund
Death23 MAY 1890Dragland i Tjeldsund
MDaniel Mikal Nikolai Dragland
Birth30 MAY 1889Dragland Farm i Tjeldsund
Death2 MAR 1965Corpus Christi, Texas
Marriageto Ethel Mae Thomas
MLind Kristofus Dragland
Birth19 JUN 1890Luedon, Ldingen i Tjeldsund
DeathMAY 1966West Main, Oregon
Marriage8 MAR 1923to Genna Bakke at New England, North Dakota
MEmil Atlanteen Dragland
BirthJAN 1892At sea, Norway
FRagnhild Nikoline Dragland
Birth11 FEB 1894Kloten, ND
Death21 AUG 1975Jamestown, North Dakota
FHilma Dragland
BirthJUL 1896Kloten, ND
Death5 OCT 1919North Dakota
FLydia Kristofa Dragland
Birth28 APR 1898Kloten, North Dakota
Death5 FEB 1975Corvallis, Oregon
Marriage30 OCT 1917to Thorvald Andersen Bjerke at New England, North Dakota
FAgnes Dragland
BirthAPR 1900Kloten, ND
Marriageto Kelven Shearburn
MKaroll [Kre] Dragland
Birth2 MAY 1902Kloten, ND
Death14 JAN 1992Minnetonka, MN
Marriage1936to Ruth Hegreberg
FEmma Dragland
Birth6 MAY 1904Washington State
Marriageto Frank Huckinsen
FRuth Dragland
Birth1907Per-Harald date of 1912
Marriageto Roger Nystul
Descendancy Chart
Lars Olai Olsen Dragland b: 16 JUL 1863 d: 11 SEP 1907
Karoline Amalie Gregussen b: 12 JAN 1863 d: 6 FEB 1933
Olaf Marselius Dragland b: 16 JUN 1884 d: 1964
Kristian Adolf Dragland b: 3 SEP 1885 d: 24 FEB 1973
Ansoph Krogh b: 14 NOV 1897 d: 8 SEP 1964
Leroy Dragland b: 21 SEP 1918 d: 29 JAN 1998
Gladys Caroline Dragland b: 28 FEB 1920 d: 4 JUL 2003
Chris Dragland b: 16 JUL 1925 d: 13 APR 2001
Joyce Dragland b: 20 AUG 1940 d: 25 MAR 1996
Lotte Kaspara Dragland b: 14 SEP 1887 d: 23 MAY 1890
Daniel Mikal Nikolai Dragland b: 30 MAY 1889 d: 2 MAR 1965
Hilma Elizabeth Dragland b: 16 JUN 1922 d: 24 JUN 2003
James Carlton Brown b: 27 MAY 1918 d: 4 JUL 1997
Lind Kristofus Dragland b: 19 JUN 1890 d: MAY 1966
Ragnhild Nikoline Dragland b: 11 FEB 1894 d: 21 AUG 1975
Hilma Dragland b: JUL 1896 d: 5 OCT 1919
Lydia Kristofa Dragland b: 28 APR 1898 d: 5 FEB 1975
Agnes Dragland b: APR 1900
Karoll [Kre] Dragland b: 2 MAY 1902 d: 14 JAN 1992
Emma Dragland b: 6 MAY 1904
Ruth Dragland b: 1907

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