Marie Josephine Olson

Marie Josephine Olson
b: 19 APR 1896
d: 21 SEP 1967
Marie [Mary] Josephine was born on April 19, 1896 at the farm Sharon,North Dakota. The 1900 census for Steele County, Westfield Townshipnotes that she is four years old. She attended Westfield Public Schoolwhich was built on the land donated by Mr. Mc Crea and about 3 miles fromthe farm. She is in the third row of the Westfield School picture takenin 1905. She is listed as Mary Olson on the list of students for theschool year October 15, 1906 to May 17, 1907. She was confirmed on June11, 1911 at Hoff Lutheran Church by Rev. B. I. Land. Her ConfirmationCertificate has several verses inscribed on it. "Be faithful until deathand I will give you the crown of life." "If mountains could be moved,but my forgiveness will not leave you and my promise of peace not bechanged says the Lord the giver of mercy." The Lord is my shepherd and Iam not short of anything." On pages of the book at the bottom of thecertificate - "The ones living in your home will be given forgiveness.""They should continuously worship you."
Marie and her sisters attended Oak Grove Seminary in Fargo, North Dakotawhere she studied music among other subjects. When she had completed herstudies, she served as organist for Hoff Lutheran Church and taught pianoto children in the area. There was a fine reed organ in the parlor ofthe Olson home that was well used. [We children were thrilled when wewere allowed to play it. It took two to play the keys and manage thebellows and pedals.]
"We operated the McCrea farm for twenty-three years. Our children wereborn there except Sonja, the youngest of six, who was born at the Sharonhospital. Mary Olson, Dan's daughter, came over when our babies wereborn and helped with the cooking and housework. Dr. Melvin T. saverycame from Northwood for the delivery." Vesle Hans, Leona Hanson Wenaas.The Olson farm was about a mile down the road from the McCrea farm.
During the summer, Mary and her sisters worked as cooks for threshingcrews on the Olson and neighboring farms. Later Mary went to Minneapolisand worked in the flour mills and a hospital laundry. She went to VanHook, North Dakota to help her sister Esther when Leora was born and thatis where she met Nils Meland. Nils and Marie were married on June 21,1922 at Hoff Lutheran Church, Sharon, North Dakota. The wedding ceremonywas performed by Rev. Ingel Hovland [Lenore Meland's uncle].
Mary was talented in many ways. She painted lovely scenes in oil paint.A picture of a Minneapolis home and lake is painted on the clean side ofa cardboard dress box. She knitted, crocheted, and embroidered manylovely things. She was a fine seamstress and her dresses were handembroidered beautifully and expertly. She made many hand stitchedquilts. We children loved to match pieces in a quilt to the dressesMother had made for us. She made clothes for all of us throught theyears. During the depression she made a snowsuit for me from Dad's WWIarmy blanket. She cooked wonderful meals; baked bread, lefse, cookies,cakes, pies; canned vegetables from the garden she planted and tended andberries and fruits as they became available. She was a woman of greatpatience and love. She taught us to have fun and to use ourimagination. She and Dad sang in our church choir and participated inour church and school activities.
When her family was grown, she volunteered in the Convalescent home andplayed the piano for the residents. She was a member of the Church LadiesAid, American Legion Auxiliary, Women's Temperance Union, and Bowlingleague. She enjoyed two trips to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and France andtrips to California to visit the Kenney family.
Marie died of stomach cancer on September 21, 1967 at home in Northwood,North Dakota. Her funeral was held on September 26, 1967 at theEvangelical Lutheran Church, and she was buried at the NorthwoodCemetery.
See the Meland Family history in "Norway to America".
  • 19 APR 1896 - Birth - ; Sharon, ND
  • 26 SEP 1967 - Burial - ; Northwood Cemetery
  • 21 SEP 1967 - Death - ; Northwood, Grand Forks County, ND
Ole Thorsen
24 DEC 1817 - 20 JUN 1890
Daniel Bertheus Olson
3 AUG 1861 - 1 MAY 1931
Mette Jonette Danielsdtr
4 FEB 1831 - 29 JAN 1913
Marie Josephine Olson
19 APR 1896 - 21 SEP 1967
Erik Norman Erlandsen
25 JUL 1819 -
Anna Louise Eriksen
24 JUL 1862 - 29 DEC 1953
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Daniel Bertheus Olson
Birth3 AUG 1861Dragland i Tjeldsund (Nordland)
Death1 MAY 1931 Pneumonia, Dr. Glasscock, Sharon, ND
Marriage29 NOV 1890to Anna Louise Eriksen at Finley, Clifton Twsp. Steele County, ND by B. Tollefsen
FatherOle Thorsen
MotherMette Jonette Danielsdtr
PARENT (F) Anna Louise Eriksen
Birth24 JUL 1862Srvikmark, Harstad
Death29 DEC 1953 Northwood Home, Grand Forks County, ND
Marriage29 NOV 1890to Daniel Bertheus Olson at Finley, Clifton Twsp. Steele County, ND by B. Tollefsen
FatherErik Norman Erlandsen
MotherSerine Birgitte Olsdotter
FMarie Josephine Olson
Birth19 APR 1896Sharon, ND
Death21 SEP 1967Northwood, Grand Forks County, ND
Marriage21 JUN 1922to Nils Meland at Sharon, ND - Hoff Lutheran Church
FSigne Kristine Olson
Birth3 FEB 1888Srvikmark, Trondenes
Death27 JUL 1921Sharon, ND
MEdwin N. Olson
Birth21 OCT 1893Sharon, Steele County, ND
Death2 SEP 1983Minot, ND.
Marriage1919to Ellen Cornelius at Sharon, ND
MOtelius Nikolai
Birth20 MAR 1891Sharon, ND
Death25 NOV 1893Sharon, ND
MOle Nikolai Olson
Birth7 MAY 1894Sharon, Steele County. ND
Death2 FEB 1987Veterans Hospital, Hennepin County, Minneapolis, MN
MarriageAUG 1943to Hilda Veedahl Danielson at North Dakota
FEsther Viola Olson
Birth12 JUN 1898Sharon, Steele County, ND
DeathFEB 1987Minneapolis, MN
Marriage10 NOV 1918to Henry Rydland at Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota
MBirger Rudolph Olson
Birth23 MAY 1900Sharon, Steele County,Westfield Township, ND
Death17 OCT 1990Redwood Falls Hospital, Redwood Falls, MN
Marriage12 JAN 1925to Ella Louise Christen at Aneta, ND
MVictor Evelin Olson
Birth23 JUN 1903Sharon, Steele County ND.
Death22 APR 1904Sharon, Steele County, ND.
MVictor Otelius
Birth16 JUN 1905Sharon, Steele County, ND
Death15 APR 1976Beloit.Wisconsin
Marriageto Clara Stevenson
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Nils Meland
Birth11 NOV 1890Meland, Skjold, Rogaland, Norway
Death19 FEB 1967 Northwood, Grand Forks County, ND
Marriage21 JUN 1922to Marie Josephine Olson at Sharon, ND - Hoff Lutheran Church
FatherLars Risanger Meland
MotherHelga Nilsdotter
PARENT (F) Marie Josephine Olson
Birth19 APR 1896Sharon, ND
Death21 SEP 1967 Northwood, Grand Forks County, ND
Marriage21 JUN 1922to Nils Meland at Sharon, ND - Hoff Lutheran Church
FatherDaniel Bertheus Olson
MotherAnna Louise Eriksen
Marriage22 NOV 1947to Ardell Rose Sievek at Bemidji, MN - Nymore Lutheran Church
Marriage21 JUN 1947to Gordon E. Olson at Bemidji, MN - First Lutheran Church
Marriage27 AUG 1949to Arnold Vernon Mc Neal at Bemidji, MN - First Lutheran Church
Marriage30 AUG 1952to Private at Northwood, ND - Evangelicial Lutheran Church
MWesley Dean Meland
Birth2 MAR 1932Pelican Rapids, MN
Death8 JAN 2007At home. Mesa, Arizona
Marriage3 MAY 1958to Private at Northwood, ND, Ebenezer Lutheran Church
Marriage29 DEC 1945to Richard Edward Kenney at Bemidji, Minnesota - First Lutheran Church
Marriage12 DEC 1953to Private at Hatton, ND - ST. John Lutheran Church
Marriage6 AUG 1960to Gale Leigh Tangen at Northwood, ND - Evangelical Lutheran Church
Descendancy Chart
Marie Josephine Olson b: 19 APR 1896 d: 21 SEP 1967
Nils Meland b: 11 NOV 1890 d: 19 FEB 1967
Wesley Dean Meland b: 2 MAR 1932 d: 8 JAN 2007

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