Lyrics from an old Groovy song from the 70’s

Mark and Scott were discusssing the lyrics from an old song by CCR called “sweet hitchhiker”.  It’s hard to understand what the singer is singing but Scott remembers the lyrics the way he thought they were.  See below…


From Mark…

I put the official lyrics in red italic and Scott’s version just below.  It’s really funny when you see them together like that.  Scott had a very creative mind even back then.

Was Ridin’ along side the highway,

Well I’m a riding up-a-side the byway

Rollin’ up the country side.

Rowin’ up the country side

Thinkin’ I’m the devil’s heatwave,

Chinkin’ up a devil speedway

What you burn in your crazy mind?

Whach ya burnin’ up my crazy hide?

Saw a slight distraction standin’ by the road;

I Had a light reaction, shootin’ by the toad

She was smilin’ there, yellow in her hair;

She was shinin’ wer hello in her air

Do you wanna, I was thinkin’, would you care.
Wood ya wanna would care?


Sweet Hitch-a-Hiker,

Sweet Hitch -a -Hiker

We could make music at the Greasy King.

You make music like a Chink-a-Chang

Sweet Hitch-a-Hiker,

Sweet Hitch-a-Hiker

Won’t you ride on my fast machine?

Won’t ya ride on my bad machine?
…end CHORUS…


Cruisin’ on thru the junction,

a Cruisin’ on to the function

I’m flyin’ ’bout the speed of sound,

I’m flyin’ bout the speed of sound

Noticin’ peculiar function,

rowin’ to your pure-o-function

I ain’t no roller coaster show me down.

won’t ya give a four quarter down

I turned away to see her,

rollin’ on the devil’s speedway

Woa! she caught my eye,

won’t ya come a hai hai

But I was rollin’ down, movin’ too fast;

I’ll be rollin’ down in tubei

Do you wanna, She was thinkin’ can it last.
do ya wanna klink a klang-a-hay-a haye


Was busted up along the highway,

Waz abuckin’ up along the byway

I’m the saddest ridin’ fool alive.

I’m a sadden on a’ bool a lime

Wond’ring if you’re goin’ in my way,

wondrin’ f you goin’ my way

Won’t you give a poor boy a ride

wont’ ya give a four quarter dime?

Here she comes a ridin’, Lord, She’s flyin’ high.

she come a ridin’ lo she frying hi

But she was rollin’ down, movin’ too fast;

but she was rowin’ down in a tubei

Do you wanna, She was thinkin’ can I last.

do ya wanna klink-a klan








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