Meland Memories 1930’s Video

This film was taken in summer of 1937 in Pelican Rapids, MN. You will notice the bicycle is a boys bike that was shared with brother Bud [Donald] – not always a happy situation. The girl riding her brother’s bike is my best friend Helen Hovland. Her father was Rev. Robert Hovland who was our pastor and neighbor. The boy is Robert Hovland, Bud’s friend. The Hovland family left Pelican Rapids later that summer to live in San Francisco.
The wonderful sailor suits and hats worn by Noren, Wesley and Reuben were made by our Mother – in fact she made all of our clothes.
Arline Kenney, Feb 5, 2012

People identified in film…
A. 3 girls walking in garden= Muriel, Verna, Arline
B. Small boy, girl and woman = Wesley, Muriel, Mother
C. 2 older women walking = Mother, Mrs. Baglien?
D. 3 girls standing in water sprinkler = Verna, Muriel, Noren
E. Name of dog near the girls in the water sprinkler=Bingo
F. Girl riding bike, followed by 2 boys, woman, dog= Arline, Bud, Robert, Helen, Bingo
G. 2 boys on bikes and 2 girls walking down steps = Bud, Robert, Arline, Helen
H. Small boy with dog = Reuben
I. Boy standing on his head and boy helping him = Bud, Robert
J. Small boy in swimsuit walking in front of 2 older kids = Wesley
K. Boys laying on ground with dog = Bud, Robert
L. 6 kids lined up = Noren, Bud, Wesley, Reuben, Arline, Muriel, Verna
M. 2 boys on tricycles = Reuben, Wesley
N. Girl in front of 2 boys on tricycles = Unable to identify
O. 2 girls walking on sidewalk with dog = Muriel, Verna, Bingo
P. 3 girls walking out of playhouse = Lucille Westby, Muriel, Julianna Quamme
Q. 4 girls walking out of playhouse = Verna, Joan Peterson, Marilyn Baglien, ?
R. 3 boys in sailor suits = Noren, Wesley, Reuben
S. Woman walking with kids near lake = Mother, Noren, Wesley, Reuben – at Crystal Lake
T. 2 boys and girl playing with garden hose = Wesley, Reuben, Verna or Murilel
U. Boy walking up near 2 boys = Noren
V. 2 girls by young boy with garden hose = Verna, Joan Peterson
W. Small boy with swimming suit walking onto dock = Reuben
X. Young lady standing by older man wearing a tie = Arline, Dad

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