Meland Video 1950’s

This film was taken on August 28, 1949 – the day after the wedding of Verna and Arny McNeal. Location: Bemidji, MN at Nils Meland’s home. Ole and Hilda Olson, our Rydland cousins, and Grandma Olson are in the film. Jimmy and I (Alrine Kenney) were visiting from California for the wedding. Jimmy was not well – had a relapse of whooping cough while we were there. I may have been the one taking the pictures.
– Arline (Meland) Kenney

QUIZ: Identify the people in the film. Answers here.
A. little boy who picks up and throws cat
B. little boy with hat
C. Young lady in blue dress walking with little girl
D. little girl walking with young lady in blue dress
E. 2 young ladies walking – one with lavender color dress, one with
red bloush carrying box
F. young man in yellow shirt walking and waving
G. young man who man in yellow shirt walks by
H. young lady who man in yellow shirt walks by
I. man in yellow shirt holding baby girl
J. older man who walks with limp
K. young man looking through binoculars
L. woman in blue top red skirt standing by man looking through binolcars
M. woman in yellow dress next to woman in blue top red dress
N. woman in red blouse white pants
O. girl in wagon holding little boy
P. man stepping on back of wagon
Q. baby in wagon
R. young man running to catch wagon to help steer
S. boy in wagon with blue shirt tan pants
T. older man in white shirt blue pants and glasses
U. older man with camera, white shirt glasses
V. woman sitting on car with blue top red skirt
W. woman in green/blue dress standing on car bumper. she als rides scooter.
X. woman in white blouse yellow pans riding scooter
Y. woman in flowered white dress getting into car that drives away
Z. older woman with light colored dress and glasses

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