Meland Video Early 1940’s

This file was taken in summer 1941. The dress I am wearing was worn earlier that spring at our Senior banquet, the white dress Muriel is wearing was her confirmation dress also that spring. Some pictures were taken in front of the house Dad had built in 1929 where we older kids grew up. The other shots were taken in our Pelican Rapids Policeman Knutson’s yard because of all of his wooden cut outs and flowers. The picture of the ducks is the mill pond where we skated in winter before the years when our firemen made our skating pond in a vacant lot.
Uncle Henry and Aunt Esther Rydland spent a month each summer in the cottage they owned at Crystal Lake, just nine miles from Pelican. They always attended church with us at
Pelican Valley Church, they also owned a Kodak 8 mm. Camera that was used for these films.
This film must have been made for just the Meland family because our cousins, except for Ralph Rydland, don’t appear.

1. Nils and Marie Meland
2. Woman wearing black dress = Esther Rydland, Mother’s sister
3. Young lady in blue dress holding child = Verna
4. Child held by Verna = I don’t know who the child is – Ralph was the youngest Rydland
5. Small boy in front of Verna = Reuben
6. Little girl held by Marie = June
7. Young lady in pink dress = Arline
8. Man with hat who walks up to Marie = Nils
9. Young lady in blue dress = Arline [I must have changed my dress]
10. Little girl by flowers = June
11. 2 teens in blue shirts = Bud [Don] and his friend Billie Lee
12. Boy walking on sidewalk from front steps = Noren
13. Lady and boy sitting on steps = Grandma Olson and Ralph Rydland
14. Name of dog following Noren = Bingo
15. Boy looking at camera = Reuben
16. Smaller boy sitting on steps = Ralph Rydland
17. Dog on porch = Bingo
18. Boy picking nose = Wesley
19. Girl in blue dress tapping her nose = Verna [must explain the nose thing = Dad and Uncle Henry would tell us we had a fly on our nose to get us to make a motion]
20. Girl in pink dress by Noren and
21. Girl in pink dress with small girl in white = Arline and June
22. Girl in white dress = Muriel, Verna, June, Arline
23. Don, Noren, Wesley, Reuben
24. Reuben in covered wagon with June standing
25. Man walking behind Noren = Mr. Knutson
26. Man in white shirt, suspenders and black tie = Police Officer Knutson
27. Woman in black hat by Marie = Grandma Olson
28. Woman in white hate and tie/scarf = Aunt Esther

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