ND Farmer teaches MN boy how to farm in 10 minutes!

Paul Meland, a 10 year old from Alexandria, MN, visited the farming operation of Ron Hougen of Northwood, ND to find out what farming is all about. 
 Paul had never really been on a farm before and knew very little about farming.  By the time he left he had helped combine barley and learned about the whole process from seeding to harvesting. Hougen, a very experienced farmer, explained to Paul that this year may not be a good one because of the drought.  He explained the basic steps of farming; seeding, fertilizing, spraying, swathing, and finally combining. Then, before firing up the combine to give Paul a hand at driving it, explained how a combine picks up the swathed grain, separates the seed from the straw and collects the seed in the hopper and finally dumps it into a truck to be hauled away. Paul took a turn at steering the combine but got a little off track at one point.  Later Pauls mom gave it a try and ended up breaking Rons combine at which time we all decided we had better get going.  It was a great educational experience for all of us!






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