Susan & Paul ski Big Mtn Summit!


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After only 2 days of training Susan and Paul made the trip to the top of the 7000 foot mountain at the Big Mountain near Whitefish MT.  The prior 2 days had been mostly heavy fog at the top which makes it nearly impossible (at times) to ski.  Then on day 3 some clearing occurred.  So the decision was made.  We’re going to the top!  After riding the Glacier Chaser chairlift Susan and Paul (and I (Jeff)) arrived at the top.  The fog was so thick we could see only about 25 feet.  We checked in with our group in the chalet for lunch. We had taken the trip with a group of 55 others from Alexandria via AmTrak and part of our requirement was to check in from time to time.  As we were finishing lunch someone said “look!” as they pointed to the window.  The fog had lifted. We could see for miles.  So it was time.  We got our equipment on and headed out the door.  As we inched our way to the edge of the hill the sight was both beautiful and shocking. The first part of the way down was quite steep and quite far.  “You said it would be easy!” said Paul.  “You’ve got to be kidding!” said Susan.  Their confidence was lowered, but they figured it was the only way down.  (They didn’t know at the time that they could ride back down the chairlift if they wanted).  Susan tried first and fell several times on the first steep stretch.  Paul did about the same. We then proceded down the back side of the mountain without too much difficulty. Then back up the chairlift to the top again. This time we would have to take the blue run most of the way down. After about 45 minutes we were all the way down.  But that was it for Susan.  She said “I’m going shopping”.  But Paul was ready to go again, so up we went. Both Susan and Paul accomplished a lot so I’m really proud of them and am glad they got to experience that awesome event.  Check out the photos in the photo gallery.


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